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Raven/dVRK Surgical Robotics Research Symposium


This is an online-only series for sharing within the common platform community. The overall theme is experimental minimally-invasive surgical robotics research, typically, but not limited to, work on the Raven and dVRK platforms.

This series is not currently active.

Symposium Format

Each session will be 1.5 hours in length, with approximately 4-6 presentations. Planned themes include:

  1. Perception and Automation in surgical robotics
  2. Novel surgical instruments for surgical robots
  3. Other topics as submitted including but not limited to
    • Teleoperation
    • Human-Robot Interactions in surgery
    • Computational, sensing, and robotic approaches to surgical skill assessment

Call for Contributions

Currently Closed

Scheduled Sessions


Organized by the Collaborative Robotics Toolkit Project (Johns Hopkins, WPI, Univ. of Washington).