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Raven/dVRK Surgical Robotics Research Symposium: Session 2 (Hamlyn Edition)

Date: July 19, 2021

Location: Online (link will be provided upon registration)

Registration: Registration is required via the Hamlyn Symposium workshop webpage


This is the second session of an ongoing research symposium series, organized as a workshop at the Hamlyn Symposium.


All times are US Eastern (EST).

Time Title Speaker(s) Affiliation
10:00 Non-fixed Contact Manipulation Control Framework for Deformable Objects with Active Contact Adjustment Jing Huang Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong
10:15 Multicamera 3D Viewpoint Adjustment for Robotic Surgery via Deep Reinforcement Learning Heidi Zhang, Melody Su Mt. Holyoke College
10:30 Characterization of Haptic Feedback from Multimodal Neural Network-based Force Estimates during Teleoperation Zonghe Chua Stanford University
10:45 Toward Autonomous Suturing Using MOPS: A Modular and Open Platform for Surgical Robotics Research Kim Lindberg Schwaner Univ. of Southern Denmark
11:00 Controlling Cognitive Demands With Semi-Autonomous Suction Framework for Robotic-Assisted Surgery Juan Antonio Barragan Purdue University
11:15 A Sensorized Physical Simulator for Training in Robot-Assisted Lung Lobectomy Dario Galeazzi Politecnico di Milano

Link to Recorded Video

The workshop video can be found on the Hamlyn Symposium YouTube channel.

Best Presentation Award:

Intuitive Surgical is sponsoring a $500 award for the best presentation.

The judges have selected the following presentation:

“Controlling Cognitive Demands With Semi-Autonomous Suction Framework for Robotic-Assisted Surgery”, presented by Juan Antonio Barragan (Purdue University)