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Challenge 3: Suture the phantom


Develop algorithms to drive the needle through the phantom from the first entry point to the corresponding exit point. The left instrument should pull the needle through the phantom and hand back the needle to the right instrument. This completes one suture. The algorithm should repeat the entry and exit for each pair of points. As in the previous challenges, the accuracy of the simulated robot will be comparable to that of a real robot.

Provided Data

  1. The poses of all entry and exit points on the phantom (see Challenge 2 for more information)
  2. The starting pose between the needle and the (right) instrument

Test Conditions

Test conditions will be the same as specified for Challenge 2, except that the challenge will begin with the right instrument holding the needle in a correct grasp. Note that it is necessary to call the task_3_setup_init method or publish the task_3_setup/init ROS topic to place the needle in the right instrument.

Evaluation Metric

The evaluation metric will be the same as Challenge 2; specifically, all entries that meet the specified accuracy thresholds will be ranked based on completion time. Time will be measured from when the user script is started until the task completion message is received.

The evaluation script for this challenge is in the GitHub repository and can be run as follows (use python or python3 as appropriate):

python -t <team_name> -e 3

See also the GitHub Discussions forum.