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ISMR 2019 Workshop on Open Platforms for Medical Robotics Research

Workshop Date: April 3, 2019 (full day)

Venue: Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA USA

Location: 1128 Suddath Room, Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience (IBB)


The objectives of the first half of the workshop are to provide an overview and tutorial about: (1) two widely-used shared platforms for medical robotics research: the da Vinci Research Kit (dVRK) and Raven II, and (2) infrastructure that supports a broader community, such as the Collaborative Robotics Toolkit (CRTK), which provides a standard API to dVRK, Raven II and other systems, as well as simulation environments. This is followed by a “hands on” session that will give attendees the opportunity to work with real and simulated robots and to teleoperate remote robots.

The objectives of the second half of the workshop are to provide an opportunity for members of the community to present research they have performed with these shared platforms, with the goal to promote sharing of infrastructure enhancements and collaborative research. We will also hold a panel to discuss community needs, such as shared datasets.


Peter Kazanzides Blake Hannaford Gregory S. Fischer
Johns Hopkins University University of Washington Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Time Topic Speakers Details
08:30 Introduction Peter Kazanzides (JHU) Welcome and schedule for the workshop
08:45 da Vinci Research Kit (dVRK) Peter Kazanzides (JHU) Overview of dVRK
09:00 Raven II Melody Su (UW) Overview of Raven II
09:15 CRTK and ROS Anton Deguet (JHU) Collaborative Robotics Toolkit (CRTK), including ROS implementation
10:00 Coffee Break    
10:30 Simulators Greg Fischer, Adnan Munawar (WPI) Simulation environments
11:15 Hands On I   Hands on sessions with input devices and simulated/remote robots
12:00 Lunch    
13:30 Hands On II   Hands on sessions with input devices and simulated/remote robots
14:15 Community Presentations I See below Solicited presentations from the community
15:00 Coffee Break    
15:30 Community Presentations II See below Solicited presentations from the community
16:30 Community Discussion   Discussion of community needs (shared slides)
17:00 Adjourn    

Community Presentations I and II

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
14:15 Technologies for Autonomous Robotic Surgery Paolo Fiorini Univ. of Verona
14:30 Integration of Devices with the dVRK Platform Arianna Menciassi Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
14:45 A Dual-User Telerobotic Platform for Surgical Training using dVRK Rajni Patel Western University
15:30 A multi-user-interface, multi-robot workcell for applications in surgical and rehabilitation robotics Mahdi Tavakoli Univ. of Alberta
15:45 Simulation Environment for RAVEN II Surgical Robot Homa Alemzadeh Univ. of Virginia
16:00 A Framework for Complementary Situation Awareness (CSA) Russell Taylor Johns Hopkins Univ.
16:15 dVRK Community Research Highlights Simon DiMaio Intuitive Surgical